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McChord Enlisted Spouses Club


Tuition Grant Application

(For those applying via email please annotate approval where signature lines are shown.  If wanting to email, please highlight the text and copy to a word document, then fill in appropriate areas and email to
Application Deadline is October 31, 2002.  Will announce winner in November.


The McChord Enlisted Spouses Club is pleased to announce that a $500.00 Tuition Grant will be made available to a deserving enlisted dependent. The Tuition Grant will be available to Air Force, Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve dependent members of McChord (whose sponsor is actively serving) pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Criteria for the Tuition Grant is as follows:

  • Sponsor must be enlisted
  • Check will be issued upon completion of a course with proof of a grade of C or better in an accredited degree program
  • Individuals are limited to one tuition grant per calendar year
  • Individual must be assigned to McChord AFB.

The method of awarding the tuition grant is at the discretion of the President, McChord Enlisted Spouses Club. Checks are sent directly to the recipient. If you have any questions about the tuition grant, please contact Debra G. Andrews (253) 582-7276 or via email at

Note: Applicants must be dependents of enlisted members of McChord AFB.

Complete this form and provide the supporting documents listed below and mail to McChord Enlisted Spouses Club President.

Last Name:______________________________________

First Name:__________________________________MI:_________

Sponsors Rank:___________

(Circle One): Active Duty / Air National Guard / AFRC

If Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve please annotate days that member was serving on active duty:

Active duty dates: From_____________ To_________________

Organizational Unit_________________________________________

Current MailingAddress______________________________________________________________________________________


Duty Phone: (____)__________ Home Phone: (____)_______________

Email: ___________________________________________________________

University/College & Campus currently enrolled:


Current Degree Program:____________________________________________

Required Supporting Documents

Note to all Applicants: When submitting this application to McChord Enlisted Spouses Club President attach the following documents:

* Proof of course completion transcript in an accredited program leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree with proof of a grade of C or better.

* Applicant must complete a "Statement of Understanding/Privacy" along with the application form.

_________________________(Signature/Approval)         ____________(date)


To provide tuition grant to a selected enlisted personnel dependent who is assigned to McChord AFB.

This tuition grant will be awarded to students who have demonstrated academic ability and meet all the criteria established in the following:

A. Qualifications:
    1. Must be a dependent of an enlisted member
    2. Have completed a course of study in an accredited degree program

B. Selection:

Applications will be made available at the local Base Education Offices. Packages will be forward by each individual to:

Debra G.Andrews

President Enlisted Spouses Club

P.O. Box 4267

McChord AFB, WA 98438

Please allow approximately three weeks for processing a letter with certificate and the grant check will sent by First Class Mail.
    1. Selections will be made with no regard to race, color, creed, sex or national origin.
    2. Applicant must complete a "Statement of Understanding/ Privacy" to be submitted along with the application form to the McChord Enlisted Spouses Club President.
C. Tuition Grant
    1. Grant shall consist of reimbursement for "out-of-pocket-expenses/ costs" for completion of qualified courses.
    2. These awards are reimbursable based on previous course study payments.
D. Disbursement of Funds.
    1. Tuition grants will be funded to McChord Enlisted Spouses Club is dedicated to helping dependents of our enlisted members meet their financial needs and grants are limited to a maximum of $500.00 per individual per calendar year. Tuition grants will be mailed directly to the Tuition Grant recipient

Statement of Understanding/Privacy

1.  In accordance with the privacy act of 1974, I agree that my signature/approval on this form will authorize the release of my education transcripts to the tuition grant selection committee.  I further understand that the information requested is considered relevant and necessary to select a recipient of the tuition grant for which I have applied.

2.  If I am selected, I grant permission for the use of my name and likeness/photograph for purposes of publicity regarding receipt of the tuition grant and advertising for future promotion of the tuition grant program.

3.  I understand that in order to apply for the McChord Enlisted Spouses Tuition Grant that I must be a dependent of an Air Force, Air National Guard, or AF Reserve enlisted member (who must currently be on active duty status).

4.  I understand that if selected, in order to receive the tuition grant funds I must provice proof of successful completion (a grade of C or better) of the courses for which I am/have enrolled in.

5.  Please write a brief summary on your future plans/goals to include degree you are pursuing or job skills you are trying to improve for future employment.









___________________________(Signature/Approval)    _____________(date)

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